RFID plastic cards - contactless chip cards



RFID cards are divided into the following transmission frequencies:


  • Low frequency (NF): 125 KHz with a reading range of up to approx. 10 cm

  • High frequencies (HF): 13.56 MHz with a reading range of up to approx. 70 cm

  • Ultra-high frequencies (UHF): 860-960 MHz with a reading range of up to 8 meters


Dual interface cards
In addition to the two known forms, contact or contactless, there is a third type of card; Dual interface cards. As the name suggests, this is a card with two interfaces. On the one hand for classic contact-based (e.g. electronic verification) and on the other hand for contactless communication (e.g. access control)


Hybrid cards
Hybrid cards are cards that contain several storage technologies (e.g. a contact chip and a magnetic stripe) and each store different information.
These cards can often be found in the area of ​​bank cards, for example.

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