Plastic cards from our own production

We at cards-x produce, personalize, encode or print plastic cards. Regardless of whether customer cards or high-security ID cards, we offer you everything from a single source. Our products and services related to plastic card printing can be individually adapted to your special requirements.

In addition to the production of plastic cards in ISO check card format, cards-x GmbH specializes in particular in the production of cards in special formats as well as in special materials such as for accreditation and VIP cards for sporting events or events, parking passes, entrance or name cards.


In addition to the ISO format, the following cards are available as standard:

140 x 90 mm

140 x 88 mm

140 x 85.60 mm

124 x 88 mm

124 x 85.60 mm

140 x 54 mm

128 x 54 mm

110 x 54 mm

105 x 74 mm.


Offset, digital offset and screen printing are used as printing technologies. In addition, the cards can be finished with spot varnish, hot stamping or hot stamp and security features such as holograms, security printing.


As a further service, we offer optical (thermal sublimation, retransfer, thermal transfer, inkjet) and electronic personalization (coding of RFID chips). In the digital offset process, it is possible to carry out individual personalization directly in sheetfed printing and therefore under an overlay.

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