Visitor Management

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Visitor management is the optimal solution for converting your reception or gate to current security requirements. With visitor management, you can easily record and process visit processes digitally.

The direct web input of visits via the employee relieves your reception and gives the employee the opportunity to react immediately to any changes in the visit date. The data entered is immediately visible at reception, so that your reception staff always knows which visit is expected and when. If a visit is not registered, you can use the program to create new visit processes immediately. By issuing visitor passes, you can identify all visitors to your company premises using the visitor management system. With the help of the archive function you can trace the time and location of a visitor afterwards.

Also the administration of foreign workers and temporary workers is no problem with the visitor management. Equipped with RFID badges, these persons can be easily integrated into your work process.

It is now possible without further problems:

- Granting access to specific locations
- pay cashless in the canteen
- Record working / visiting times


RFID badges

By using the TRW technology (Thermical ReWrite) it is possible to equip the visitor badges in credit card format with the RFID technology used in the house.

This means that the badge can be rewritten and re-used up to 300 times using a special printer.

- Access authorisations can be integrated
- Professional and high quality visitor badge
- Different RFID technologies can be integrated
- Can be used for other applications (cash application canteen)
- Paperless visitor management


Visitor badges with label printer

If there is no need to integrate visitors into the existing infrastructure such as access control, the software can of course also be used with a paper badge.

The card can be printed either on pre-perforated paper or with a ticket printer. By automatically applying a barcode, the corresponding visit process can be conveniently managed with a barcode scanner.



Automatic registration & deregistration

With the automatic registration and deregistration function, your external workers can log in and deregister conveniently and independently. A touch panel and a barcode scanner or table reader are used here.



TRW Printer

The new printer generation for rewritable cards

The Tattoo RW by Evolis is a printer for one-sided rewritable cards. This printer leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility, economy, environmental friendliness and up-to-date data!

The Tattoo RW is the ideal solution for all cards that are used for a limited period of time and cards whose data changes regularly.

With the Evolis Tattoo RW, cards can be printed and re-printed in seconds, for example:

Day tickets / visitor cards, which are alternately printed with new visitor names.

The installation of an RFID coding module enables fully automatic reading and assignment of the badge number during card printing. Thus, this printer can be optimally integrated into visitor management.