Guest Management

Accreditation & Registration - online, secure, integrated

If you need a registration for the guests of your event or the possibility to book for a fee,
cards-x provides you with a simple and secure method that avoids duplicate data entry and thus error sources.
The integrated payment by credit card ensures that you as the organizer have full control over the incoming payments as well as over the recorded data. A registration form can also be quickly integrated into existing websites and allows the professional and seamless collection of data, even if you have already started promoting your event. The integration of the booking page will be charged according to time and effort. In addition to electronic tickets (print-at-home, mobile tickets), we are also happy to supply high-quality paper and plastic, with barcode and / or RFID chip, which you can hand out personalized on site or send in advance. We also provide the necessary hardware if not available.


Guest reception instead of just access control

To allow your staff to concentrate on giving your guests a warm welcome, our visitor registration systems are self-explanatory, easy to use, yet robust and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. We not only ensure fast access, but also that authorisations are not misused twice. If your event takes place at a location where data connections are not available, we offer full functionality even if the recording devices are "offline". All transaction data flows into your individual guest list, allowing you to know exactly which guest came when and even how long they stayed (if you decide on a full check-in & check-out process).


Cashless payment at your event

If you want to spare your VIP guests the tedious handling of food or drink vouchers, there is a simple way: Every ticket can be converted into a virtual purse with little effort. This saves your staff valuable time in order to be able to serve your visitors even faster. For all areas or guest groups where food and drinks are subject to a charge, cashless payment is on the one hand a benefit in convenience and on the other hand, experience has shown that you can achieve more sales per person because the ticket as a "payment card" encourages additional consumption.
Values can be charged and debited on the same terminals that you use to control access to your event - all your employees have to do is switch to the next application at the simple push of a button.


Data analysis and reporting made easy

A powerful database in the background ensures that you have full control over what happens at your event before, during and after. The processing of bookings in advance, the recording of special requests, the analysis of visitor behaviour and the evaluation of feedback can either take place directly in the system itself, or cards-x provides you with the corresponding reports in e.g. Excel. In addition to the standard reports, we will gladly configure each individual evaluation for you.