Cloud based technology for accreditation & guest management

You want to centrally manage the data of all guests, employees and other persons at your event?
And to get the complete technical infrastructure from one source and "on demand"? Then you are exactly at the right place with us.

If you want your event to be "over the top", everything needs to fit - invitation, reception, access and the communication and interaction between visitor and host. We provide the systems that help you to concentrate on the essentials - your guest.

In order to offer you the best solution for your individual application, we combine hardware and software that has been developed for such critical applications - professionally, flexibly and nevertheless suitable for every budget.

cards-x-ess® is web-based software

Operation exclusively via browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome)
- for administrators
- for users
- for end users

Is safe
- Encryption via AES128 cryptosystem

Is flexible
- individually configurable in design / layout (corporate identity)
- in the authorization/role concept
- Data Import/Export

Is simple
- in operation
- with integrated photo module

Reduces costs and effort
- no maintenance effort - all software updates
- including self-service function
- no system crashes
- no need to adapt your own IT infrastructure
- can be operated from any PC / Smartphone / Tablet

Cardholders are allowed to perform various functions/tasks themselves
e.g. upload of a photo, confirmation of card reception, activation of a received card by entering an activation code

Registration data for cards-x-ess® can be made available to the cardholder via a personalized email or document.

cards-x-ess® contains a print module that allows the personalization of identity cards (printing, coding, lamination) from one or more workstations. Personalized documents can also be created with the help of the print module (e.g. using a standard laser printer).