Access Control

cards-x offers you a wide range of products and systems for customized solutions.

For security reasons, visitor management and access control solutions are more important than ever for companies and events.

Trade fairs, industrial companies, banks, public authorities, events and arenas need solutions to prevent access by unauthorized persons.

Our systems are precisely adapted to your security requirements. Permanently installed access control systems with door readers, turnstops, barrier control and online-offline software solutions.

Especially for temporary events, such as trade fairs, we also offer mobile access control solutions on a rental basis. These include turnstiles, software solutions, handhelds, card printers, coding stations (such as table or wall readers) and the associated accessories.



Simple, elegant and mobile.

Counting ticket sections was a thing of yesterday. Electronic access control is up to date, secure and reliable, cost-effective and offers significant added value. Many organisers and arena operators from the sports, leisure and cultural sectors have already recognised this.

The fact that access control today can be affordable, system-independent and fully compatible, whether mobile or stationary, is less well known. Keep the following advantages in mind:

- quick and uncomplicated admission with only minimal personnel expenditure
- Visualisation of reduction levels by means of clearly audible LED lights
- Exclusion of counterfeit or copied tickets
- Security display for further information (e.g. security aspects)
- Connection via fixed cabling and/or wireless (W-LAN/radio)
- Power supply via 230 Volt and/or battery operation



Secure and simple access control.

Turnstops provide access control in the entrance areas in addition to relieving the strain on entrance personnel.

They are fast, reliable and easy to operate.
The proven control technology conveniently regulates the flow of people, even at high throughput frequencies. The turnstiles are compatible with the other products and are available in six versions.

Product advantages:

Self-scanning, therefore at least 800 persons per hour
- foldable uprights with automatic re-adjustment
- opens also under load
- functional, fast and space-saving
- comfortable passage
- Systems made of robust, easy-to-clean stainless steel
- suitable for outdoor installation
- simple installation on finished floor, optional on unfinished floor
- also suitable for mobile use
- long service life due to motor drive
- colored 7" visitor or security display
- RFID scanning
- Indication of reduction levels by LED light


Hand-held Scanner

Simple and lightweight in the hand.
The hand-held scanner enables the simplest type of electronic access control.
In addition to the self-scanning devices (scan terminal or turnstile), the devices are used in loge or car park areas.
It displays the status in colour and indicates reductions or misuse of the tickets.

- approx. 400 persons per hour
- Wireless connection via W-LAN
- 3.5" colour display
- Barcode, QR-/2D-Barcode
- Simple 3-button operation

Optional RFID scanner:

- RFID Scanner
- High performance battery
- 4x charging station



Visitor management made easy.

- Compatible with all ticket systems
- clearing tool
- user administration
- variable evaluations
- timing
- filing
- live overview/monitoring