Accreditation & admission control

cards-x supplies a range of specially selected accreditation systems for the convenient printing and coding of your plastic cards / badges, whether in cheque card format - also contactless with RFID technology - or - especially for visual access control - as a large format ID card.

An accreditation system includes a suitable printer, an intuitive, user-friendly software application and a recording system for capturing digital photos, data and / or other biometric features such as fingerprints and signatures.

We offer among the following:

- Accreditation printer (ECP-D, ECP-XL8300)
- Card printer (direct / re-transfer) (Datacard, DIS/EDIsecure, etc.)
- Accreditation software
- digital cameras
- Card laminators for the application of protective films and security holograms
- Individual design according to your wishes
- Data acquisition / transfer
- Blank cards (smartcards, magnetic strips, RFID, key tags, etc.)
- Pre-printed blank cards according to your technology and design specifications
- KeyFobs with and without RFID technology
- Ribbons (Datacard, DIS/EDIsecure, TEAC, Zebra, etc.)
- Overlay / patch foils (blank, standard design or according to your design wishes)
- cleaning material
- card holders, clips, yoyos, lanyards
- Tripod barriers / turnstiles for access control
- Complete systems / system components also on a rental basis
- Personalization of ISO/large format plastic cards in service (also small editions from 50 cards)
and much more.

We individually adjust the accreditation system to your needs and deliver everything from a single source!