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Guest management & accreditation

individual and simple design of event processes.


Convince your guests with impressive event experiences and well thought out planning of your event. From the invitation letter to the individual guest care to the personalized thank you letter, you can use our tool to plan all the intersections with your guest.

Collect remarkable event impressions.

Exact planning and organization often determine the quality of the guest experience and save a lot of effort afterwards. Optimize the guest experience by setting and automating all key data about your event before the invitation process.

Provide guest managers with exactly the information they need.

Your service providers receive either automatic or through an assignment, access to the relevant personal data (such as individual meals, shuttle, side event, hotel) and can thus act according to the guests' wishes.

Take everything into account.

Keep an eye on your main event - but also all around it. By specifying additional criteria such as the registration for side events, the registration of VIP guests, the exact planning of your capacities or the transmission of tickets to your guests, you also have control over all side processes.

We take care of the right combination of the systems for an optimal setting of the key data.

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